Here’s some basic information such as a short CV, my exhibition list and so on. But one thing first: this one keeps coming up again and again and I certainly haven’t started that rumor. No matter what anyone tells you: in 2010 (or 2009 for that matter) I haven’t been an active member of the Berlin graffiti scene for 20 years. Don’t hold it against me.
Oh and btw, here’s the link to the old site, if you should happen to be looking for it or are just plain curious.


2003 – present: lives and works in Berlin, Germany
2001: degree in visual communication at University of Applied Sciences, Pforzheim
1990: first encounter with spraycans


Solo shows:
Maike Gräf (Skulptur) & PISA73, Galerie Tobias Schrade, Ulm/Germany

“PISA73″, Galerie Tobias Schrade, Ulm/Germany

“Schablone, na und?”, 44309Streetartgallery/Dortmund, Germany
“PISA73″, Galerie DoK/Baden, Switzerland
“PISA73″, La Grille/Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

“Grains of Wrath”, Wilde Gallery/Berlin, Germany (catalogue, PDF)
“PISA73″, Galerie Tobias Schrade/Ulm, Germany

“I Am God”, Kradhalle/Ulm, Germany

Art fairs:
“Stroke.03″ with Superplan/Berlin, Germany
“Art Karlsuhe” with Galerie Tobias Schrade/Karlsruhe, Germany
“STROKE.02″ with Superplan/Munich, Germany

“SCOPE” with Wilde Gallery/Miami, USA
“SCOPE” with Wilde Gallery/Basel, Switzerland
“SCOPE” with Wilde Gallery/New York, USA
“SLICK” with Wilde Gallery/Paris, France

“Berliner Liste” with Wilde Gallery/Berlin, Germany
“TIAF” with Gallery/Toronto, Canada
“Art Miami” with Wilde Gallery/Miami, USA
“TEASE” with Walden Kunstprojekte/Cologne, Germany

4. Berliner Kunstsalon, Walden Kunstprojekte/Berlin, Germany

“Urban Art Factory”, 2. Berliner Kunstsalon/Berlin, Germany

“Urban Art Factory”, 1. Berliner Kunstsalon/Berlin, Germany

Group shows:
“Papers Please”, Colab Gallery, Weil am Rhein/Germany

“Power Play”, Colab Gallery, Weil am Rhein/Germany

“ARTURb Stencil Masters Edition 0.1″, LAC, Lagos/Portugal
“Unaufgeregt”, HSH Gallery, Berlin/Germany

“Czarnobyl. Pisa73. Pozor”, Factory, Berlin/Germany

“ARTNapping”, Superplan/Berlin
“Ten Years of Stychnin Gallery – All (my) Stars”, Strychnin/Berlin, Germany
“Stencil Bastards”, Starkart/Zurich, Switzerland
“Looking For Freedom”, Chimera Project/Budapest, Hungary

“Metropolitan”, Stychnin/Berlin, Germany
“Oversized & Underpriced Round 4″, Superplan/Berlin, Germany
“Nontoxic Revolution”, Strychnin/Berlin, Germany
“Vienna Calling”, Inoperable Gallery/Vienna, Austria

“Superplan&Friends”, art babel/Munich, Germany
“Urban Expo”, Pretty Portal Gallery/Düsseldorf, Germany
“Stencils Only 2011″, Pretty Portal Gallery/Düsseldorf, Germany
“A Cut Above”, Espionage Gallery/Adelaide, Australia
“Tape Modern No. 22: Peep Show”, Tape Club/Berlin, Germany
“Superplan Artspace”, Formaganda/Berlin, Germany
“Galeria Autonomica”, Munich,Germany
“Oversized & Underpriced, Round 3″, Superplan/Berlin, Germany
“The Second Step”, Galerie DoK/Baden, Switzerland
“Divergence”, Jakarta/Indonesia
“Street Fighters: Round 2″, Krakow, Poland
“Art Mosh”, Munich, Germany
“Superplan”, Bright Tradeshow/Berlin, Germany

“Schöne Bescherung”, Superplan/Berlin, Germany
“Infusion #3″, Herne, Germany
“Stencils Only”, Pretty Portal/Düsseldorf, Germany
“Public Provocations 2″, Carhartt Gallery/Weil am Rhein, Germany
“Superplan Studio”, Nicenice Gallery/Hannover, Germany
“Aerosol Fumes”, Neurotitan/Berlin, Germany

“Urban Art”, Kunstwarenhaus/Zurich, Switzerland
“Rohe Weihnachten”, Galerie Tobias Schrade/Ulm, Germany
“1Size/1Prize Pt. 2: Girls of Death”, Superplan/Berlin, Germany
“Salon Schwarzenberg”, Neurotitan/Berlin, Germany
“Blue Print for Space”, Art Center South Florida/Miami Beach, USA
“Primary Flight”, Miami, USA
“Beck’s Gold Urban Experience” Munich, Germany
“Street/Studio”, Irvine Contemporary/Washington D.C., USA
“Paper Trail”, Judy Rotenberg Gallery/Boston, USA
“Nix Krise”, Superplan/Berlin, Germany
“Berliner Unkraut”, 111 Minna Gallery/San Francisco, USA
“Geezer Graff Gala”, Common Ground Gallery/Berlin, Germany

“CTink” with EVOL, Galérie Itinerrance/Paris, France
“Le M.U.R.” with EVOL and CZARNOBYL, Le M.U.R./Paris, France
“Off the Wall – From Vandalism to Fine Art”, Wilde Gallery/Berlin, Germany
“Walden im UFO”, Projekthaus/Hamburg, Germany
“Urban Affairs”, Urban Affairs/Berlin, Germany
“CTink” with EVOL, Walden Kunstprojekte/Berlin, Germany
“Steal from Work”, Bristol, UK
“Inventory #1″, Wilde Gallery/Berlin, Germany

“CTink” with EVOL, Superplan/Berlin, Germany
“CTink” with EVOL, Basementizid/Heilbronn, Germany
“1Size/1Prize”, Superplan/Berlin, Germany

“CTink” with EVOL, Hello Moose Gallery/Rotterdam, Netherlands
“From Where I Stand”, ArtTrail/Cork, Ireland
“adicolor studio”, adicolor studio/Berlin, Germany
“So langsam ist uns alles egal”, Galerie Alexandre Zellermayer/Berlin, Germany
“Inzimi Festival” Rome, Italy
“CTink” with EVOL, Deathless/Berlin, Germany
“Secret Showroom”, Cologne, Germany
“Secret Showroom”, Bread&Butter/Barcelona, Spain
“Secret Showroom”, Bread&Butter/Berlin, Germany
“Sechspinselundeinbesen”, Bread&Butter/Berlin, Germany

“CTink” with EVOL, Ronin Gallery/Nurenberg, Germany
“Islands and Bridges”, Fitfty24sf Gallery/San Francisco, USA
“A World of Influence”, Urbis Artium Gallery/Sand Francisco, USA
“Berlin Exil” with Andrew Greif, Galerie Tobias Schrade/Ulm, Germany
“CTink” with EVOL, Supalife Kiosk/Berlin, Germany
“Art Trek 2″, Antwerp, Belgium
“The City Made Us Do This”, Dialekt/Stuttgart, Germany
“Enter the Mothership”, Rotterdam, Netherlands

“Rock the Coat”, Spiewak and Vapours Magazine/New York, USA
“Urban Act 2″, Studio 14/Rome, Italy
“Contemporary Fresh Still Life”, CBK Rotterdam/Rotterdam, Netherlands
“Urban Act 2″, Studio 14/Rome, Italy

“CTink” with EVOL, Spielwiese/Berlin, Germany
“Reizend” with ANSAM and MESY, Galerie X5/Ulm, Germany

“Handshake Collective” with ANSAM, Salon Hansen/Neu-Ulm, Germany


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