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Grey Series on cardboard

Four 70 x 50 cm pieces painted on cardboard. The pieces picture demonstrators being arrested by the police.
“IMG_6687″, “IMG_5297″, “IMG_5309″ and “IMG_5287″.

Black Series #1: Boxhagener Platz

A series of four paintings based on photos taken during Walpurgis Night in Berlin, 2007.
The paintings are very dark and very silent, only one color has been used.
They are all named after the file name of the original photographs.
“IMG_5173″, “IMG_5105″, “IMG_5076″ and “IMG_4963″

Black Series #2: Various

Five more black pieces.
“IMG_3761″, “IMG_3888″, “IMG_5118″, “IMG_4517 – Irvine Alley” and “IMG_1298 – Kreator”


A diptych showing a blonde woman in a vaguely riefenstahlesque fashion in one panel and with her face replaced by a cartoon character in the other.
“Überfrau”, each 200 x 120 cm, 2009

Mural: Primary Flight 2009, Miami

Three photos of my Primary Flight 2009 mural in Miami.

Mural: Irvine Contemporary, Washington DC, 2009

A mural painted for the exhibition “Street/Studio” at Irvine Contemporary in Washington DC, 2009.


Four paintings of Canadian band Nomeansno, based on photos taken at a concert at SO36 in Berlin. “IMG_5414 – Rob Wright”, “IMG_5430 – John Wright”, “IMG_5490 – Tom Holiston” and “IMG_5555 – Stage Diver and Tom Holiston.”

Older Pieces I: Cars

I really need to break this list of older pieces down into something vaguely organized, like categories for instance. Yes, that’ll do. So here we go. In categories. The first one: car themed paintings.

Older Pieces II: Buzzwords

Here you have some paintings which prominently feature words of mock-encouragement or moral directives.

Older Pieces III: Superboredom

The word “Superboredom” appears in many of my pieces, here are a few…